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November 28, 2014

The very first thoughts that came to mind when I woke this morning were, how beautiful is this diverse world.


I am thankful for all the diversity this planet has to offer. My family, friends, and school community celebrate our human differences, and recognize these differences are what makes us special and beautiful. We believe that “ALL LIVES MATTER.”

170882417I am thankful for this solar system and our earth for providing the perfect environment for us humans to grow and thrive. For the beauty of nature, and it’s diversity. I am thankful for California; beaches, forest, desert, lakes, mountains, valleys, snow, sand, and sun.





I could go on and on… but, I will make this brief. Now is the time to get back to my family and friends on this “Thankful” day, of whom I am most thankful for! The amazing people in my life, who bring so much joy to my heart. My babies, who have fulfilled my life in a way I could have never imagined, I cannot help but beam at just a glimpse of their wonderment and growth. My husband, who offers me unending love and dedication. My mom, who is my biggest cheerleader/fan, the best assistant and my best friend. And, the rest of my small family and close group of friends, whom I cherish and feel grateful that they hold me close to their hearts. I am a woman blessed with a life of abundance and love.








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Get Spooky – QUICK!

October 24, 2014

NOTE*** the website is not working well today! Some photos are not showing up. If you see a photo title ie. “boo-2014-5.” just click on it to view the image. Sorry, for the inconvenience. I hope to get it fixed soon.

My little boy was super sick last week! Fever, hives, cough, congestion. So sad for the little man, and tough for a busy mama!

I wanted to get in to the Halloween spirit, and pull something fun and festive together for my big girl.

So, I needed to bust out some creative projects she could be a part of and get it done fast, that boy needed our love and attention. Here is what I came up with in a flash.

I pulled out a sheet of purple card stock, had Coco cut up 6 squares, slapped on some poster stickers we had on hand. We were out of P and K, so I rigged a letter B to make P, then cut up an H to make the K. SPOOKY – done. 5 minutes.


boo-2014-4I grabbed a piece of black card stock and an exacto knife and carved out BOO – 15 seconds flat! 2 decorations (positive and negative “boo”) done. Boom. Next.


boo-2014-9Bats. I had a few left over from last year, but, we made a few more. Black card stock, folded in 1/2 trace a bat like shape. Kid cut. Done. Bats all over the house. Fun.

boo-2014-1My son had made these hand prints at school last month. I was getting ready to hang this in the kids room – then realized, this image is kinda morbid in red. But GREAT as Halloween decor. Yea. Nail in wall. Done.



boo-2014-6These ghosts were the most fun for us to make! And so easy too. Take one tissue lay flat, tear 1 tissue in 1/2 crumple into a ball place in the middle of whole tissue, then tie it up. We drew some spooky faces and glued them on. We made 6, and tied them to our dining room lighting. 10 minutes.

Homemade Halloween happened in about 30 minutes! So fun! Next up, Pumpkins.

How do you get into the Halloween spirit? Do you decorate? Please share your tricks to making your home spooky and festive.


Summer iphoto Round Up

September 26, 2014

Disclosure… major photo heavy!

Wow, what a summer! We hit milestones, went a ton of places (locally), had a blast. No wonder we are so worn out. I keep waiting for things to slow down, but, there is always more more more to do! The holidays are a coming…

We started off the summer with Coco’s preschool graduation, a date at the Hollywood Bowl, Nikko’s first experience at preschool (3 days a week), some beach days, art projects, indoor playgrounds, the park, and the fourth of July. Coco had a couple weeks off before camp started, so, we (just mama and daughter) went to Universal Studios, AND Knotts Berry Farm – soooo much fun with my girl!!!! Then we took a family (grandparents and extended family included) “stay-cation” at New Port Dunes, stopped in at Pretend City on the way home, more parks, splash pads, work days, found a giant ball maze toy on the side of the road (been a big hit), mama’s night out, camp days, and another mother/daughter day at the California Science Center. Coco turned 5! We went to Legoland for 4 days to celebrate, hit up the beach again, another mama’s night out, and two little monkeys just loving each other.

Whew. Summer, you rocked us this year!


conscious mama

September 6, 2014

tangee fly web

tangee portrait-1 web

tangee tattoo 2 crop web

DSC_2134 web

DSC_2198 warm web

DSC_2364 web

photography by Tiberon Maduro


Tangee is an amazing woman I have known for many years. We lost touch for a time while we were both focusing on raising our kids. Her son Andrik is only about 6 months older than my eldest (daughter). We both seem to be emerging from our family cocoon, ready to combine our motherhood with our individuality. I continue to be inspired by her commitment to health, both physical, mental and spiritual, perseverance of strength, calm and conscious parenting, and her rocking rebel style.


Read the full interview and learn more about Tangee,
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ready, set, go!

August 18, 2014

pier willows2014Welcome to my brand spanking new blog!

I have had this in mind to do for quite some time now. Having two little ones that are highly spirited and terrible sleepers has made doing almost anything very difficult. Until recently, I have just been in survival mode; doing the best I can to provide a safe, fun, rich and fulfilling life for the kids – with not much room or energy to take care of myself or pursue my own creativity. My eldest (daughter, Coco) is turning 5! in two days, and my youngest (son, Nikko) is coming up on his 2nd birthday! So, finally I am now getting back to work, photography, creative projects and finding a little time here and there to have a little bit of mama fun!

I will soon be putting together an “about” page, to share a little more about myself, my family, my work and music. I hope you will visit often and enjoy the little tid bits of life I have to share.