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Green Gobblin – Smoothie

October 17, 2014

one for you. one for meyum-green gobblin-1web

*Note the carved pumpkin in back ground. Here is what it looks like now. Gnar.

yum-green gobblin-2web

chia yum

yum-green gobblin-3web

little sick boy – getting some fruit and veggies

Green smoothies are all the rage these days, and we love them! Its such a great way to get greens into picky eaters diet. There are a million recipes out there, you can experiment the combinations on your own – find what everyone in to house loves, and work in some things they may need.

I made this easy “Green Goblin” recipe for my sick little boy. I focused on Vitamin C, the needs of my little sicky, and keeping it spooky green. Some fruits and vegetables; strawberries or carrot juice, will definitely change the color. This recipe is super simple. Enjoy.

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Easiest Oatmeal Cookies Ever

October 10, 2014

yum-oat cookie-1web

Vegan and Gluten free!

Plus the kids can make it – practically on their own

coco banana web

yum-oat cookie-6web

Coco’s favorite part is mashing the bananas

and eating them of course

Bon Appetit

These are the absolute, most easy, and versatile cookies you will ever make! I found this recipe online a few years ago, and have since made a batch nearly every week. The kids love getting involved in making them too, they think they are getting a “treat,” but, are really eating something healthy. I will often serve them for breakfast, and grab a couple to go when on the run (for myself) – I could probably gobble an entire batch in one sitting. I hope you and your family will enjoy them as much as we do!

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