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Crafty Kids – homemade holiday gifts

December 23, 2014

rebel kids tea-paint-7Tea towels/furoshiki cloth – gifts for Nana & Abuelita (the grandmothers)rebel kids tea-paint-5We used our square and circular column blocks – with gold and silver fabric paint to stamp on basic white tea towels I ordered on Amazon (of course.)

rebel kids tea-paint-1rebel kids tea-paint-2These kids really enjoy the process of paint. From squeezing the paint out, dipping the blocks, and applying the paint.

rebel kids tea-paint-3rebel kids tea-paint-4rebel kids tea-paint-6I had a vision of stamping perfect little squares and circles only around the edges of the towel. Then, quickly realized how much fun they were having just being free with the paint. rebel kids tea-paint-8I think they turned out lovely.

Theses tea towels can be used for a number of things. I am thinking of using them to wrap  up (furoshiki style) a box of chocolates for Nana, and maybe booze for Abuela 😉

Of course they can be used to dry your hands, wipe counters, serve tea, to line bread baskets, etc, etc. Check out the furoshiki diagram below, and click the link for further wrapping instructions. Here.



When I grow up…

December 16, 2014


This is the list my daughter recites about what she wants to be when she grows up. She has since added Architect to the list. My husband Tristan made this awesome image for her.

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Get Spooky – QUICK!

October 24, 2014

NOTE*** the website is not working well today! Some photos are not showing up. If you see a photo title ie. “boo-2014-5.” just click on it to view the image. Sorry, for the inconvenience. I hope to get it fixed soon.

My little boy was super sick last week! Fever, hives, cough, congestion. So sad for the little man, and tough for a busy mama!

I wanted to get in to the Halloween spirit, and pull something fun and festive together for my big girl.

So, I needed to bust out some creative projects she could be a part of and get it done fast, that boy needed our love and attention. Here is what I came up with in a flash.

I pulled out a sheet of purple card stock, had Coco cut up 6 squares, slapped on some poster stickers we had on hand. We were out of P and K, so I rigged a letter B to make P, then cut up an H to make the K. SPOOKY – done. 5 minutes.


boo-2014-4I grabbed a piece of black card stock and an exacto knife and carved out BOO – 15 seconds flat! 2 decorations (positive and negative “boo”) done. Boom. Next.


boo-2014-9Bats. I had a few left over from last year, but, we made a few more. Black card stock, folded in 1/2 trace a bat like shape. Kid cut. Done. Bats all over the house. Fun.

boo-2014-1My son had made these hand prints at school last month. I was getting ready to hang this in the kids room – then realized, this image is kinda morbid in red. But GREAT as Halloween decor. Yea. Nail in wall. Done.



boo-2014-6These ghosts were the most fun for us to make! And so easy too. Take one tissue lay flat, tear 1 tissue in 1/2 crumple into a ball place in the middle of whole tissue, then tie it up. We drew some spooky faces and glued them on. We made 6, and tied them to our dining room lighting. 10 minutes.

Homemade Halloween happened in about 30 minutes! So fun! Next up, Pumpkins.

How do you get into the Halloween spirit? Do you decorate? Please share your tricks to making your home spooky and festive.


Sleep Regression

September 18, 2014


This boy, gotta love him! He is such a charmer, a little love bug, and so handsome/delicious – I could just eat him up! But, man, oh man, is he testing my strength and patience. Besides being prone to aggressive tantrums, he just will NOT sleep (much). Maybe they go hand in hand?

Sleep Regression, have you heard of this?! Its awesome (joking). To sum up what I have read about it; During times of growth, milestones, and life changes some children have a hard time falling and staying asleep. This faze usually lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Well, my little boy has hit EVERY sleep regression in the book. 4 months old – no sleep for about 5 weeks! 8 months old, no sleep for about 5 weeks! 12 months old, no sleep for about 4 weeks! 18 months old, no sleep for about 4 weeks!

Only a few weeks back, he was going to sleep on his own quite contentedly, and sleeping thru the night. Then he decided he needed out of the crib. He began waking in the night, calling for mama, and climbing out. When one night, I sent DAD in, and the boy was NOT pleased with the parent of choice. So, he went head first – diving out of the crib. And, that was that. No more crib. Sad.

Now here we are right in the middle of the dreaded 2 year old sleep regression!!! My son turns 2 next week, its been nearly 4 weeks of sleep deprivation. I am on the edge of sanity and health. So, I folded, and decided to let him snuggle up in my bed when he wakes around 1:30am. I was going in his room, laying next to him on the floor for an hour or so (while he talks and kicks me) at least twice a night. I put him to bed around 8:30pm, but, he won’t fall asleep until around 10pm – and I have to be there next to him or he will get out of bed a million times.

So, here’s to “sleep regression!” I am trying to keep in mind; this is only a developmental faze, this tough time will pass eventually (only to meet a new and different parenting challenge – just on the horizon), and I am not alone. There are many web resources and communities that help explain what is going on with personal tales of sleep deprivation.

To all the tired mamas of the world, please find a way to be kind, patient, loving – and take what ever short cuts (frozen, non organic, quick meals, whatever.. TONIGHT I am stopping in El Polo Loco for dinner) you need to get thru this exhausting time. They are little tiny humans, and need our help, love, and support to feel safe and secure in this big crazy world.