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Mama = Chewbacca

October 27, 2014

My daughter Coco is currently* obsessed with Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. Although, she has chosen to be Queen Amidala for Halloween – due to the gorgeous costumes and natural beauty of Natalie Portman. My son Nikko will be a classic Luke (we sometimes jokingly call him Nik Side-Walker), Husband Tristan will be Darth Vader, and mama, of course – Chewbacca.

mama-bacca-3This mural cracks me up! The best silly Sci-Fi backdrop – located at a gas station in West L.A.

mama-bacca-1I wish I had a crossbow, that would really pull the look together


Somehow, I look more like a sad demon rock god than Chewie…hmm


I love how easy this costume was to throw together! I just ordered up this boys youth size jacket on Amazon, and received it by mail the NEXT DAY! Gotta love Amazon. And, yes – I already had those boots and pants. ‘Cuz, I already kinda am a sad demon rock god – aren’t I? At least in my imagination…

What are you going to be for Halloween? Did you make a costume? Rent? Or buy?

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