Crafty Kids – homemade holiday gifts

December 23, 2014

rebel kids tea-paint-7Tea towels/furoshiki cloth – gifts for Nana & Abuelita (the grandmothers)rebel kids tea-paint-5We used our square and circular column blocks – with gold and silver fabric paint to stamp on basic white tea towels I ordered on Amazon (of course.)

rebel kids tea-paint-1rebel kids tea-paint-2These kids really enjoy the process of paint. From squeezing the paint out, dipping the blocks, and applying the paint.

rebel kids tea-paint-3rebel kids tea-paint-4rebel kids tea-paint-6I had a vision of stamping perfect little squares and circles only around the edges of the towel. Then, quickly realized how much fun they were having just being free with the paint. rebel kids tea-paint-8I think they turned out lovely.

Theses tea towels can be used for a number of things. I am thinking of using them to wrap  up (furoshiki style) a box of chocolates for Nana, and maybe booze for Abuela 😉

Of course they can be used to dry your hands, wipe counters, serve tea, to line bread baskets, etc, etc. Check out the furoshiki diagram below, and click the link for further wrapping instructions. Here.


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