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August 18, 2014

pier willows2014Welcome to my brand spanking new blog!

I have had this in mind to do for quite some time now. Having two little ones that are highly spirited and terrible sleepers has made doing almost anything very difficult. Until recently, I have just been in survival mode; doing the best I can to provide a safe, fun, rich and fulfilling life for the kids – with not much room or energy to take care of myself or pursue my own creativity. My eldest (daughter, Coco) is turning 5! in two days, and my youngest (son, Nikko) is coming up on his 2nd birthday! So, finally I am now getting back to work, photography, creative projects and finding a little time here and there to have a little bit of mama fun!

I will soon be putting together an “about” page, to share a little more about myself, my family, my work and music. I hope you will visit often and enjoy the little tid bits of life I have to share.

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