House of Blues, I Love you!

October 8, 2014


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Photography by Tiberon Maduro




The House of Blues Sunset Strip is one of my favorite venues in L.A.. I have only seen a handful of shows on the main stage. I most often spend my time in the Foundation Room, a sometimes public/sometimes private lounge located upstairs from the main stage area Рwhere legendary spur of the moment jams by PRINCE have occurred. I have frequented this place since I was about 17 years old. We used to work our way with the door guy (being under age).  The Foundation Room was originally a members only bar/lounge, now, there are many nights that are open to the public where some amazing up and coming musicians perform. I had the great opportunity to perform there a few years back. An experience I will carry throughout my life.

Above are a few of the pictures I took the night I went to see my cousins band Magnolia Fire play. They rocked the main stage, and seriously (without bias) had the best sound of the night. Check them out here. Before the show started, we went out to the “Front Porch” on Sunset Blvd, and the green room back stage to take a few pictures. I didn’t have the opportunity to photograph the interior as much as I would I have liked, a major regret, considering I had a press pass and could photo whatever I wanted. The decor has so much humor and vibrance, the art is fun, feels authentic, and seems that only original pieces are displayed. I love lounging in the overstuffed red velvet arm chairs and couches, and watching all the interesting people engaging in music culture.

I am truly saddened by the news that the House of Blues on The Sunset Strip will be closing sometime¬† in the (undermined) near future. Apparently they don’t own the land, and a shopping mall will eventually replace this Rock and Roll gem. The rumor is that they are looking for a new home in Downtown L.A.. I can only hope that they can replicate a small piece of the warmth and authenticity of the original location. Although, they can never replicate the memories of wild times I have lived there. I love you House of Blues!




Mama Style

Hooray! Mama’s Night out

October 2, 2014

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Check out that crazy pink wall! I get so excited when I have the opportunity to have a night out! I actually plan what I will wear nearly a week in advance – that’s how excited I get! I jumped (literally) at the chance to wear my new BCBG side peep hole dress (amazing 50% off sale) with the most comfortable Aldo lace booties to see my cousins band play at the House of Blues. I am also wearing the engagement we ring we picked up (8 years ago) at a little shop in Calistoga, California – by T.PLODOWSKI. You can check it out and his other beautiful jewelry HERE.




House of Blues is one of my all time favorite venues. Stay tuned, I will post some of the photos I took that night – maybe tomorrow…



Summer iphoto Round Up

September 26, 2014

Disclosure… major photo heavy!

Wow, what a summer! We hit milestones, went a ton of places (locally), had a blast. No wonder we are so worn out. I keep waiting for things to slow down, but, there is always more more more to do! The holidays are a coming…

We started off the summer with Coco’s preschool graduation, a date at the Hollywood Bowl, Nikko’s first experience at preschool (3 days a week), some beach days, art projects, indoor playgrounds, the park, and the fourth of July. Coco had a couple weeks off before camp started, so, we (just mama and daughter) went to Universal Studios, AND Knotts Berry Farm – soooo much fun with my girl!!!! Then we took a family (grandparents and extended family included) “stay-cation” at New Port Dunes, stopped in at Pretend City on the way home, more parks, splash pads, work days, found a giant ball maze toy on the side of the road (been a big hit), mama’s night out, camp days, and another mother/daughter day at the California Science Center. Coco turned 5! We went to Legoland for 4 days to celebrate, hit up the beach again, another mama’s night out, and two little monkeys just loving each other.

Whew. Summer, you rocked us this year!


Sleep Regression

September 18, 2014


This boy, gotta love him! He is such a charmer, a little love bug, and so handsome/delicious – I could just eat him up! But, man, oh man, is he testing my strength and patience. Besides being prone to aggressive tantrums, he just will NOT sleep (much). Maybe they go hand in hand?

Sleep Regression, have you heard of this?! Its awesome (joking). To sum up what I have read about it; During times of growth, milestones, and life changes some children have a hard time falling and staying asleep. This faze usually lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Well, my little boy has hit EVERY sleep regression in the book. 4 months old – no sleep for about 5 weeks! 8 months old, no sleep for about 5 weeks! 12 months old, no sleep for about 4 weeks! 18 months old, no sleep for about 4 weeks!

Only a few weeks back, he was going to sleep on his own quite contentedly, and sleeping thru the night. Then he decided he needed out of the crib. He began waking in the night, calling for mama, and climbing out. When one night, I sent DAD in, and the boy was NOT pleased with the parent of choice. So, he went head first – diving out of the crib. And, that was that. No more crib. Sad.

Now here we are right in the middle of the dreaded 2 year old sleep regression!!! My son turns 2 next week, its been nearly 4 weeks of sleep deprivation. I am on the edge of sanity and health. So, I folded, and decided to let him snuggle up in my bed when he wakes around 1:30am. I was going in his room, laying next to him on the floor for an hour or so (while he talks and kicks me) at least twice a night. I put him to bed around 8:30pm, but, he won’t fall asleep until around 10pm – and I have to be there next to him or he will get out of bed a million times.

So, here’s to “sleep regression!” I am trying to keep in mind; this is only a developmental faze, this tough time will pass eventually (only to meet a new and different parenting challenge – just on the horizon), and I am not alone. There are many web resources and communities that help explain what is going on with personal tales of sleep deprivation.

To all the tired mamas of the world, please find a way to be kind, patient, loving – and take what ever short cuts (frozen, non organic, quick meals, whatever.. TONIGHT I am stopping in El Polo Loco for dinner) you need to get thru this exhausting time. They are little tiny humans, and need our help, love, and support to feel safe and secure in this big crazy world.